Marine Science Chapters


Hawaii - Born of Fire

by Genevieve (Genny) Anderson, Biological Sciences Department, Santa Barbara City College

Hawaii is unique on planet Earth in many ways. Not only is it a vacation paradise with exceptional beaches, with a year-round warm tropical climate, tropical rain forests and clear warm ocean water for diving and surfing but, Hawaii was (and is) 'BORN OF FIRE.' Hawaii is one of the few places on Earth where you can visit a live volcano and often safely view the volcanic processes that shape planet Earth. For marine scientists Hawaii is the classic case study for topics of plate tectonic hot spots, big pelagic vertebrates (mantas, whales, turtles), and island ecology. Hawaii also has interesting coral reefs, tropical rain forests and lava deserts. The following sections are presented to give you a feel for the unique biological nature of Hawaii.

Hawaiian Palms


Geology: Plate Tectonics

2018 updates + Historical images

General Ecology/Island Endemics


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