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Welcome to the marine science part of your Sea Crew training! You are more than welcome to read and learn from all of the wonderful materials in Professor Anderson's course. The reading listed in the table below will provide you with an excellent general understanding of the principal marine science concepts, habitats, and animals you will encounter at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center. As discussed in your orientation, you do NOT have to complete this part of the training to begin volunteering at the Sea Center. However, you are strongly encouraged to complete the readings and the Sea Crew Reviews.

As part of this training, we have created Sea Crew Reviews for you to demonstrate your familiarity with this material. The table below suggests when you should complete a Review. Please get these from the Sea Center staff, either in person or we can email them to you. There are two versions of each Review. You may choose whichever version you are more comfortable working with. Both are "open book" (you can use the on-line content, notes, etc. freely while answering the questions) and require an 80% mastery rate for completion.
          Version A: 15 multiple choice questions, no time limit, 12 out of 15 correct
          Version B: 5 short essay response questions, no time limit, 12 out of 15 correct

We ask that you do NOT contact Professor Anderson with any questions as she is providing this material of her own generous goodwill.

If you have any questions at all about the Sea Crew or this on-line material, please do not hesitate to call the Volunteer and Interpretive staff at the Sea Center at (805) 962-2526 ext. 104 or email us at Or ask us the next time you're in the Sea Center!

There are so many wonderful things to learn in these readings. Enjoy!

SEA CREW Suggested Reading

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1 Introduction1.1 Beginnings1.1.3 History of Marine Science

1.2 World Ocean1.2.1 Earth's Ocean

1.2.3 Classification of Marine

1.3 Tools of the

Sea Crew Review 1
version A OR version B

2 Physical Ocean2.1 SeawaterALL

2.2 El Niño/La Niña2.2.6 The Effect of El Niño
          in a Global Context

2.3 Marine GeologyALL

Sea Crew Review 2
version A OR version B

3 Marine Ecology3.1 Marine LifeALL

3.2 TidepoolsALL

3.3 Sandy BeachesALL

Sea Crew Review 3
version A OR version B

5 Water Dwellers5.4 Gray WhalesALL

6 Oceans' Future6.1 OutlookALL

6.2 Abalone (case study)ALL

Sea Crew Review 4
version A OR version B

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