Marine Science Chapters


1. The home page is the best place to begin the course. The entire course content is accessible from this page. Bookmark (add to favorites) the home page ( so you can easily access your course.

2. There are six chapters that include the content of this course (introduction, physical ocean, marine ecology, bottom dwellers, water dwellers, and oceans' future). These are always listed across the top 'chapter bar' on every page. You can click on any of these to go directly to that chapter and see what is available there. Once in a chapter, the title name becomes highlighted until you leave that chapter.

3. The sea star, at the top of each page, will always return you to the course home page (

4. There are forward, back, and up buttons, at the bottom of each page, to help you navigate through the course.

'Getting Started' Hints for Enrolled Students:

a. Read all the course information pages before you begin the course (preface, navigation, table of contents, contacts/copyright, student learning outcomes) if you are an enrolled student. If you are just enjoying the course the only course information pages of use are this page, the table of contents page and the contacts/copyright page.

b. Purchase your Marine Science booklet from the SBCC bookstore within the first few days of the semester (or summer session). This booklet has your assignments and the sample questions that will be assigned for the online quizzes. You must purchase this booklet to remain enrolled in the course - each booklet has a 'tear out' page, the last page, for enrollment confirmation. The booklet fee covers the cost for developing and maintaining the online course (which is both your lecture material and your textbook material).

c. Focus on the printed Assignments pages in your Marine Science booklet. As you read the assignments understand each assignment and how much it will contribute to your grade.

d. Read the online Schedule on the home page of the course. Put important dates on your calendar so you are sure to be on time with your assignments. If you have any questions email the course instructor at so you have a thorough understanding of where the course is going, and how fast, for your semester.

e. If you will not be able to come to SBCC for the three proctored exams find yourself a willing proctor at a college or university near you as soon as possible and definitely within two weeks for fall and spring semesters and within the first week of summer session. Email with your proctor's name, email address (and phone if possible) so the approval process can begin. The Marine Science instructor initiates the approval process and will contact both you and your proctor when it has finished. If you live close enough to SBCC plan to come to campus during one of the exam days listed on the schedule for each of the three exams.

f. Begin the course from the beginning and focus on each chapter as it is presented. Feel free to surf around through the online materials but always focus on the material that is the material for that particular week (see the course schedule). There are weekly quizes (two to three times weekly in summer) and exams after every two chapters. The content focus of this course is the information in the Internet lessons - this covers what would be lecture as well as printed textbook information.

g. Promise yourself never to get behind. In fact, try to get ahead, if possible. This is one of the hardest things about being an online student. Once you have fallen behind it is extremely difficult to catch up.

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