Marine Science Chapters


1. The home page is the best place to begin the course. The entire course content is accessible from this page. Bookmark (add to favorites) the home page ( so you can easily access your course.

2. There are six chapters that include the content of this course (introduction, physical ocean, marine ecology, bottom dwellers, water dwellers, and oceans' future). These are always listed across the top 'chapter bar' on every page. You can click on any of these to go directly to that chapter and see what is available there. Once in a chapter, the title name becomes highlighted until you leave that chapter. The Table of Contents page is an excellent way to see all the chapters and lessons.

3. The sea star, at the top of each page, will always return you to the course home page (

4. There are forward, back, and up buttons, at the bottom of each page, to help you navigate through the course.

0.0.0 Each course page (that is part of the course content) contains a three-part identification number. The first number indicates the 'chapter,' the second number indicates the chapter lesson, and the third number indicates the lesson content page. Thus, page number 4.1.3 uniquely identifies the information in chapter 4 (bottom dwellers), lesson 1 (in this chapter the Coral Reefs Internet presentation is the first lesson), lesson page 3 (in the Coral Reefs Internet lesson, there are five sections - 'Coral Reef Formation' is first, 'The Coral Animal' is second, and 'Coral Reef Buildup and Breakdown' is third). By using the number 4.1.3 the webpage section covering Coral Reef Buildup and Breakdown, in the Coral Reef Internet lesson, in the bottom dwellers chapter would be easily identified. If students have questions about any of the online materials they should use this three-part number so that their question can be properly addressed in a timely manner.

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