Marine Science Chapters



by Genevieve (Genny) Anderson, Biological Sciences Department, Santa Barbara City College

The outlook for marine science is both good and bad. There are continued new discoveries that amaze our wildest imaginations about the ocean on one hand. On the other hand there are stories about misuse and destruction that should concern any educated person. This chapter is meant to give you a quick overview of some of the common marine natural resources and their general status, then a look at the human impact on the oceans, and finally a brief overview of some of the laws affecting the oceans. After this lesson the two case studies will give you an in depth look at the response of humans to the negative aspects of their activities - the Abalone lesson to highlight the response to restore and protect a species through mariculture, and the Whaling lesson to restore and protect a species through legislation.

Marine Natural Resources

Human's Impact on the Oceans

Legislation Affecting the Oceans

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